Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?

After applying for a job, an interview is nearly always required. The interview is there to see if you will fit in the organization. The employer, after all is looking for the best person to do the job that needs doing. They are going to pay someone to do the job and therefore need to get the best value for their money.  They also want someone who they can trust as the “hired” employee will be representing their business in some way. This can be from being the janitor and appearance of the building, to customer service and how the customer is treated, to sales and how the customer is happy with their product.

The interview is not just a one way process, it is also there for you to see if they are also a fit for you.

In order to stand out in an interview you need to cover the questions that are asked of you. It is always good to be prepared. That way, when you are prepared, you will be less nervous and the interviewer will have a better idea of who you are.  Just to give you an idea about competition. Google receives nearly 3 million resumes a year from people prospecting for jobs.

Here is a short video on how to answer questions and give you a better idea of what kinds of things you should be prepared to say in an interview. 


Even if you are not going for an interview in the near future, it is always worth spending time thinking about what you would say. It may also give you ideas on what areas you work on to be more competitive. For example qualifications, work experience or even life experience.

In the meantime, you may want to see what jobs would best fit you. Unlock your possibilities today

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