You have got the qualifications but lack experience.

You have got the qualifications but lack experience.

Life is a competition. The job market is constantly shrinking due to certain industries becoming redundant as technology and climate change.

The one constant that we do have is the number of youth joining the job market. Here is the  tricky part.  The  youth are now competing for jobs with older applicants who most likely have more experience. 

Quite often, the requirements of a potential future employer will require qualifications and experience. More often than not, the qualifications are met, BUT the problem is that experience is often quite lacking or nonexistent. Here lies the vicious circle. In order to get experience, you need a job. In order to get hired, you need experience. 

For high school and college students, Summer jobs and internships are often the answer to getting experience and breaking the perpetual vicious cycle. Here is a great article on Why Youth Employment has never been more crucial for the American Economy

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